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Teaching and learning

The Curriculum Plan informs our school community about how curriculum is implemented and delivered to all of our students. It reflects the decisions, resources and priorities of the school. In addition to this, it provides a concise summary of our curriculum, areas of specialisation and innovation.
Teaching and Learning
The school has an improvement agenda that has been ongoing since the last school Quadrennial School review in 2015 and uses the EQ School Improvement Model as a reference when initiating improvement. Using the School Improvement Hierachy model, in conjunction with Marzano’s High Reliability Schools framework, Rochedale SHS drives permanent, positive, and significant impacts on student achievement by synthesizing multiple complex initiatives into one harmonious system.
We align our endeavours with the State Schools Strategy of "Every Student succeeding". We attain increased student success through shared high expectations for all students achieved through skilled educators’ knowledge and use of the most appropriate and effective pedagogical repertoire for individual students and their requirements.  
Literacy Strategy
Our school implements a data driven, research based, strategy focused approach to the teaching of reading and writing. Since 2013, Directed Reading Thinking Activities (D.R.T.A) was an umbrella for implementing high effect size strategies in developing Literacy. While D.R.T.A is primarily focused on comprehension, "D.R.T.A plus" has focused on surface learning which includes additional comprehension approaches of annotation, summarizing and post reading writing, providing students with activities that develop writing.
Pedagogical Framework
The school's Pedagogical Framework is the Art and Science of Teaching (ASOT). It is used to improve our teachers expertise and capability within the classroom with the outcome of increased student engagement and success.

Australian Curriculum 

Our Curriculum in year 7-10 aligns with the National Curriculum. The planning that supports this can be evidenced by:  

  • Year Level/Band plans have been developed across all learning/subject areas that demonstrate coverage of the Australian Curriculum achievement standards.
  • Units are aligned to the Australian Curriculum.
  • Units of work are written using a common Unit Template.
  • Cognitive Skills development in Years 7-10, assisting students to transition smoothly into the senior phase of learning.
  • Moderation of text terms. 
Refinements and further development will continue with Year Level and Unit plans.


In 2017, there was a concerted effort to embed authentic STEM practices within the schools' curriculum. This resulted in the following:  

  • Appointment of a STEM co-ordinator to implement STEM practices within the schools curriculum.
  • Creation of dedicated STEM classes in year 7.
  • The STEM Strategic Plan.