Bring Your Own Device



Our School is transitioning to a BYO model of student laptop use. Currently our Years 7, 8, 9, 10,11 and 12 students participate in the Bring Your Own Device program. Rochedale State High is committed to providing computer facilities to support various subjects. Our goal is to ensure that we provide students with the opportunity to be effective digital learners who are confident, creative and productive in an increasingly digital world.

“BYOD” stands for Bring Your Own Device. It is a program where students bring their privately owned laptop to school and connect it to the school’s network to access the Internet and school resources.

Microsoft Intune

The school is currently transitioning to Microsoft Intune which is a new Bring Your Own Device connection solution.

Devices can now be connected at home. All you need to know is your school username and password.

Below are step by step videos provided by Education Queensland that will show you how to connect your device to Microsoft Intune.

Windows (Windows 10)

Mac (OSX)

PDF scripts for these videos can be found on the right under Intune Guides.

Please follow these simple steps and connect your BYOD device as soon as possible.

Intune is only available on the Windows platform for Windows 10 if your device is not on Windows 10 please upgrade. This can be checked by searching for System Information. 

BYOD Parent Portals

The BYOD parent portals (listed on this page) are offered as a convenient way in which to buy a laptop, accidental damage cover, extended warranty and accessories. Rochedale State High School does not endorse nor recommend any particular supplier of IT equipment or accessories. Parents and caregivers are encouraged to compare prices and services from multiple retailers so that they are satisfied that the items on offer represent quality, value for money and meet their needs. Any purchase transactions conducted via the portals are a private matter between the purchaser and supplier.

The Bring Your Own Device Information and Charter booklet provides a broad range of information about the BYOD program including the minimum recommended device specifications.

Windows 10 S Mode

Most local retailers are now selling laptops with Windows 10 S Mode as the pre-installed operating system (OS). This OS locks the computer down to a state where the user is unable to install any programs that are not from the windows store.

This version of Windows is not compatible with our schools BYOD program. However you can choose to switch out of S mode at no extra charge.
Switching out of Windows 10 S mode guide.

The stores we are currently aware of, that are selling this product are:

  • Officeworks
  • Harvey Norman
  • The Good Guys 

If you purchase a laptop from these retailers can you please make sure that your laptop is not in S mode before bringing the laptop to school.


Last reviewed 21 April 2021
Last updated 21 April 2021